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Raising Awareness of Water Conservation in the Community

In general people who live, work and visit New Jersey tend to think that they have access to an abundance of water.  Despite having an average of 45 inches of rainfall annually, New Jersey is vulnerable to water supply shortages.  Throughout the project, the partners have seen that water conservation education is needed.  By incorporating water conservation into the New Jersey State Core Curriculum, students will learn about the value of this precious resource.  Our pilot community partners have indicated that their town has not only benefited from the indoor and outdoor demonstration projects, but the outreach programming, as well.

Based on the results of this project, one key to changing behavior and encouraging water conservation is to educate the children.  By teaching the children the importance of water conservation and the simple things they can do conserve water, the desired behaviors will be instilled in the next generation.    Rainwater harvesting and rain gardens are two water conservation systems that can be incorporated into the curriculum at all grade levels.


The Partners