EDUCATORS Background Information

The New Jersey Water Savers website will serve as a portal for K-12 educators to share their water conservation educational efforts. 

Educational tools and programs that were developed and implemented as a result of the pilot program are available for download from this site. See the links for Water a Matter of Importance and Water Champions for more information. 

The Partners


Additional Information

To learn more about successful water conservation educational projects, tools, and programs for youth, click on the links below:

  • The Green Education Foundation's (GEF) Sustainable Water Challenge - The Sustainable Water Challenge aims to educate schools and groups on the current issues in water sustainability and the steps we need to take to help conserve water. Through GEF’s resources, K-12 students and educators can learn the basic properties of water, water pollution and depletion, as well as methods for water conservation.

  • National Environmental Education Foundation - Be Water Wise - A strong public-private partnership for water education, Be Water Wise began in Miami schools in 2009, then Atlanta in 2010 and is now in DC schools for the 2011-2012 school year. Students participate in activities such as water measurement that involve math, science, geography and language skills. Students also develop projects at their schools to help conserve water and reduce stormwater flowing into local rivers, and students present their projects to city officials.

  • 4-H2Online - a community for youth to learn about water quality, water conservation and watershed issues

  • Water, A Matter of Importance (Video) - In the fall of 2009, New Jersey Water Savers partnered with New Jersey American Water to produce a series of videos. The first of the series, Water, A Matter of Importance, sets the stage for educators and students to learn about the need for water conservation.

  • Water Sense® - Through this national program, local water utilities, product manufacturers, and retailers work with EPA to encourage water-efficient products and practices among consumer and commercial audiences. The main goal of the program is to decrease indoor and outdoor non-agricultural water use through more efficient products, services, and practices and to create a program that helps customers differentiate between products in the marketplace, while ensuring product performance and encouraging innovation in manufacturing. The site contains learning resources for educators.

  • Water Champions - This educational program is designed to engage high school students in the promotion of WaterSense® and water efficient products.  This environmentally-oriented community service and learning effort allows students the opportunity to tailor their program to local community needs.

  • New Jersey Water Festival - A Water Festival usually consists of six to ten structured learning stations where students actively participate in educational lessons to learn how water is managed or where their drinking water comes from or what river is closest to their school.