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Commercial users of water include a wide range of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Places such as schools, hotels, retail stores, office buildings, and hospitals account for up to 17% of fresh water use in the United States. Reductions in water at these facilities can have a positive impact on helping meet the challenges of growing water needs and increasing demands on infrastructure. By adopting and promoting water-efficient products, services, and practices, commercial water users can greatly reduce annual water and energy costs as well as help reduce stress on natural resources.

To learn more about how businesses can conserve water and energy, see the WaterSense® - Commercial web page. Also, see the following information about New Jersey Water Savers Goes Corporate to learn more about how New Jersey Water Savers can help local businesses with outdoor water conservation initiatives in cooperation with the New Jersey Water Supply Authority's River-Friendly Business Certification Program.


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New Jersey Water Savers Goes Corporate!

New Jersey Water Savers is proud to announce a partnership with the New Jersey Water Supply Authority’s River-Friendly Business Certification Program.  There are four categories in the River-Friendly Business Certification Program: Water Quality Management, Water Conservation Techniques, Wildlife and Habitat Enhancement, and Education and Outreach. To receive certification, businesses must complete the goals and actions for each of the four categories under the program. New Jersey Water Savers, through New Jersey Wate Savers Goes Corporate, has provided technical expertise, support, and guidance for two (2) New Jersey businesses interested in implementing the goals and actions from the Water Conservation Techniques and Education and Outreach categories of the program. 

Suggested water conservation techniques include:

  • using native vegetation

  • increasing irrigation efficiency

  • reducing irrigated acreage

  • capturing and reusing water

  • reviewing and updating stormwater management practices

Suggested education and outreach techniques include:

  • displaying educational signage on site

  • hosting lunchtime work place workshops to educate personnel

  • hosting work place weekend workshops to educate employee families, the local community, and local officials

The River-Friendly Business Certification Program is designed to help New Jersey businesses take a leading role in preserving the community’s environmental health.  This program allows businesses to demonstrate a commitment to the environment and the local economy.  Through certification, businesses can help create a healthy, natural work setting that enhances employee morale and well-being, while preserving and enhancing the local environment. 

For more information regarding the River-Friendly Business Certification Program or other River-Friendly Programs, please contact New Jersey Water Supply Authority at www.njwsa.org/wpu.

To learn more about the New Jersey Water Savers Goes Corporate, click here!