Water Supply and Conservation Videos


New Jersey Water Savers partnered with New Jersey American Water to produce a series of videos.  As a result, Water, A Matter of Importance, was filmed in the fall of 2009.    The next two videos: Saving Water is Saving Money—Inside the Home! and Saving Water is Saving Money—Outside the Home!, were produced in the summer of 2010 with the help of Doebley and Dad Construction Company of Egg Harbor Township, NJ.  These videos featured a house built to United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) New Home Specifications.   

EPA New Home Specifications

In 2009, the US EPA’s WaterSense® program established criteria for water-efficient newly constructed single-family homes and town homes, three stories or less in size.  A new home must be built by a WaterSense® builder partner and meet all of the identified criteria to become a WaterSense® labeled new home.  The intent of this specification is to reduce indoor and outdoor water usage by twenty (20) percent less water than a standard new home by using a combination of prescriptive and performance-based approaches, thereby lowering consumer utility bills and encouraging water and wastewater infrastructure savings.  EPA reviews its specifications every three years and, if necessary, revises it to reflect changes in technology and the marketplace. 

Doebley & Dad Construction Company built this home in Egg Harbor Township using EPA WaterSense® new home specifications.

Are the videos and educational materials available for use? 

Yes!  The videos and educational materials were created with the help of New Jersey American Water for public use. 


Inside the Home

Outside the Home


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