Belmar Rental Education


As a participant in the Sustainable Jersey program, Belmar Borough wanted to create an awareness of the importance water conservation has on the tens of thousands of annual visitors.  During the spring of 2010, New Jersey Water Savers partnered with the Belmar Environmental Commission to develop and distribute a water conservation door hanger to educate visitors about the importance of changing wasteful habits in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room to conserve water. The potential impact of this educational initiative is that visitors to Belmar will use this information while they are visiting and bring this message back to their own community.

How did the borough help?

Currently, Belmar Borough mandates that renters be provided with an informational folder about municipal services, information about code enforcement, programs, and events.  The information folders, along with the door hangers, were distributed through local realtor offices and through borough hall.

Can a municipality use the door hanger?

Yes!  These materials were created for public use.




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