Publicity Events


Since 2007, New Jersey Water Savers have discovered ways to blend indoor and outdoor water conservation education for communities.  Educational opportunities have been based on local issues, values, and expectations for informed decision making.  The program design has encouraged the long-term commitment of the community to ensure its success.  The purpose of these events is to have communities gain an awareness of the need to use water efficiently at all stages from collection to consumption. 


At each of the community events, there were two audiences - adults and children.  The adults were provided with household tips for saving water inside and outside the home, information on water-saving devices, and various giveaways.  Children were provided with giveaways and activities so when they returned home, they would show their families what they learned.  This approach was designed to relate to current subjects being taught in schools.

Community Support

Both Environmental Commissions and utility companies supported efforts by providing educational materials and giveaways.  In addition, each of these groups sent representatives along with mobile exhibitions to community events.  Events were cross-promoted using word of mouth, publicity including press releases, education, and information dissemination.

Ideas for giveaways

  • Toilet leak detection tablets

  • Native plant seeds

  • Shower timers, 5 minute shower reminder cards

  • Rain gauges

  • Sand bucket filled with water saving activities for children

  • Conservation kits

  • Conservation themed calendar

  • Water wheel

  • Water cycle literature

  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Highlighters

  • Book socks

  • Recycled canvas bags

  • Magnets

  • Aluminum water canteens

  • Key chains

  • Decals

  • Water conservation coloring books and crayons

  • Tattoos

  • Stickers

Advertising ideas

  • Utilize a grassroots approach

  • Design an eye catching flyer and distribute

  • Write press releases and submit to local papers

  • Submit the  event to online calendars of events

  • Advertise at the municipal library, community/recreational/senior centers

  • Invite local media to cover the event

  • Use a blog to publicize an event

  • Use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

  • Work with local non-profits to post the event in their newsletter and/or send it to their email distribution list

  • Use banners,  signs, and table tents to promote the message

  • Create public service announcements and send them to local radio stations

  • Create a digital advertisement and send it to the municipal news station


  • Display and event pictures


Belmar Sand Castle Building Contest, 2009                                     Livingston Fix-a-Leak Week, 2009



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