Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)


Nothing is more essential to life than water.  From an early age, we learn that every living animal and plant requires water to survive. Many do not realize that our clean water supply is limited.  As the population continues to grow, more must be done to safeguard water resources so that we have enough water to meet our needs. 

Take for an example when landfill space started to become limited and the country began recycling.  Recycling programs began in elementary school classrooms where children were taught the importance of recycling, ultimately creating an entire generation programmed to recycle.  Education provides one of the best approaches to ensuring responsible behavior toward water.  By teaching children the importance of water conservation and the simple things they can do to conserve water, the concept of water conservation will be instilled in the next generation.    

What is Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)?

Project WET is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that has built a worldwide network of educators, water resource professionals and scientists.   Project WET publishes water resources materials in several languages and provides training workshops on diverse water topics such as watersheds, water quality, and water conservation. 

Does Project WET align to New Jersey’s State Core Curriculum Content Standards?

Yes!  The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide is a collection of more than 90 science-based interdisciplinary activities and lesson plans that are teacher-tested and classroom ready for K-12 students.  This curriculum was designed to meet educational standards, and the activities cover diverse topics as well as a variety of disciplines.  The lessons in the guide are correlated to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, and the guide is only available to educators who participate in a six-hour Project WET Workshop.

Are professional development credits available for teachers who attend Project WET training sessions?

Yes! Teachers who attend will earn six hours of New Jersey Continuing Education credit.

Is there funding to bring Project WET trainers to a school district's in-service days?

At this time, there is no grant funding available to bring a Project WET trainer to school districts.  The cost to offer this program is minimal.  For more information please visit the New Jersey Project WET Program website at http://www.state.nj.us/dep/seeds/wetsched.htm.

Is there funding available to bring a Project WET Water Festival to a school?

Yes!  Teachers who attend a Project WET 2.0 Workshop are eligible to receive grant funds to sponsor a one or two day water celebration for 200 or more students in grades 3 - 8.  A Water Festival is an excellent way to draw attention to the importance and value of water in our everyday life!

Make a Splash with Project WET water festivals

Make a Splash with Project WET water festivals promote the awareness of and increased knowledge about water resources.  While grounded in water science principles, the festivals also promote multidisciplinary approaches to learning by integrating social studies, geography, math, language arts, art, and journaling.  Water Festivals are held for children at or near their school for community members or for consumers in a retail setting.  These alternative learning opportunities are planned at the community level. 


Egg Harbor Township, Water Festival, June 2010

Make a Splash with Project WET water festivals include structured learning stations and exhibits where students engage in hands-on water activities and investigations.  Station topics may focus on the hydrologic cycle, ground water, spring water, water quality, wetlands, water management, water conservation, water properties, and soils.  Learning stations and exhibits are led by employees, educators, parents, or community members after completing the Project WET training.


Egg Harbor Township, Water Festival, June 2010

Are there Water Festival requirements?

The festivals must be held during the last week of September to celebrate National Water Education Day or during the month of May to celebrate New Jersey's Watershed Awareness Month. The grants range from $400 to $1,000.  The grant guidelines and application are available for educators who have attended a Project WET Workshop 2.0. Please email NJWET@dep.state.nj.us for details and see the New Jersey Project WET Program website for further information.



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