Demonstration Project at the Beach


In 2007, Belmar Borough residents and visitors used on average 117 gallons of water per day.  During the summer months, Belmar’s population swells to 70,000 visitors.  As a result, the water use has steadily increased. 

To help reduce water usage, Belmar Borough invested and installed water conserving toilets, waterless urinals, and low-flow beach showers at the restroom facilities on the boardwalk. New Jersey Water Savers, in partnership with the Belmar Environmental Commission, created educational signage to let residents and visitors know that they are using a water-saving device at the beach facilities. The message is simple: “We are asking everyone to help protect Belmar’s environment by using less water.” The signage is posted around the entrances to the beach. 

This demonstration project is especially important because the United States Geological Survey designated Belmar Borough’s water supply in Critical Area I.  This area is defined as a Critical Area because the ground-water withdrawals from the coastal plain aquifers of southern New Jersey have increased steadily since 1900, lowering water levels by more than 200 feet in some areas. This area is in danger because excessive water use poses a significant threat to the long-term integrity of the water supply sources.

Can I use the sign template language and layout?

Yes!  These materials were created for public use.



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