A Municipal Guide to Educational Opportunities for Water Conservation


In general people who live, work and visit New Jersey tend to think that they have access to an abundance of water.  Despite having an average of 45 inches of rainfall annually, New Jersey is vulnerable to water supply shortages (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center, 2012). As New Jersey’s population continues to grow and water sources are further constrained, more must be done to safeguard a sustainable water supply. 

This Municipal Guide will discuss educational programs and activities that can be implemented by municipalities to conserve water and help communities become more sustainable.  Educational opportunities also have the potential to save taxpayers capital expenditures over the long term by delaying or even eliminating the need to develop new or expanded water supply systems and wastewater treatment facilities.   The following programs are based upon research and the results of demonstration projects conducted by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program, New Jersey Water Savers and water resources professionals throughout the country.

This educational program offers training workshops and grant money to educate students on topics such as watersheds, water quality, and water conservation.

The purpose of these events is to have communities gain an awareness of the need to use water efficiently at all stages from collection to consumption for indoor and outdoor water use.

These videos were created to educate consumers about New Jersey’s water supply and ways that consumers can employ water conservation measures that can save both water and energy costs.

This self-guided tour provides seventeen (17) “points of interest” highlighting the ecology and history of the area and reinforces the value of natural resources found in Belmar Borough. 

This educational program created signs that highlight and encourage water conservation in the restrooms and the outdoor showers along the beach.

This educational program was designed to promote water conservation among Belmar Borough renters and visitors.

This educational program is designed to engage high school students in the promotion of WaterSense® and water efficient products.  This environmentally-oriented community service and learning effort allows students the opportunity to tailor their program to local community needs. 


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