Rain Barrel Truckload Sale

Alliance of Rouge Communities Enviro Rain Barrel Truckload Sale in Redford, MI

Another way to promote the use of rain barrels would be to hold a one day rain barrel truckload sale in your community. Here are some ways to help fund this event:

  • Identify a company willing to offer barrels at a discounted price

  • Conduct a fundraiser to raise money to offset the cost

  • Reach out to local businesses for donations to help subsidize the cost per barrel

Rain Barrel Truckload Sale in Thorold Canada

Once the funding source and barrels are confirmed, determine the sale setting; local mall parking lot, town hall, municipal fields, or local water treatment facility. To assist with the distribution of the barrels on the day of the sale, enlist volunteers to help. Two possible ways to set up registration would be to require preregistration and payment or to have the rain barrels available on a first come first serve basis. Either way be sure to advertise the event on local radio stations and in community newspapers.

Rain Barrel Truckload sale flyer Lakeland, FL


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